Another TMNT game that makes you wish they were never infected with ooze.

User Rating: 5.3 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare PS2
How bad could a TMNT game be? This bad. They tried to add in some RPG elements but it couldnt help this dying franchise.

As usual you can choose which turtle to be and the PC takes control of the other 3 while going through each level. This would be a great idea except the A.I. of the turtles you dont control is about the level of a 14 month old playing video games. Most of the time they are wondering around hitting crates and cars while your fighting the main bad guys. Or they would mindlessly attack a main Boss when you have to use strategy. They would soon be whiped out and your left alone to fight. There is only 3 episodes to play with about 17 missions for each episode. Of course each mission is almost the same. Wonderig through levels beating up countless enemies that flock to you. Here is the worst part... the camera angle is absolutely horrible. It's a top down view but you can lose track of your other turtles of you try to get ahead or go back to a previous part of the level. You can zoom in and out or move it around but it never seems to be in the right place, especially in Boss fights.

Overall there is nothing about this game that appeals to me. It is slow and not worth playing. The multiplayer aspect was ok but not enough to make me wanna recommend this game to anyone. It's almost impossible while playing solo.