Very fun,really great,has some alot of stuff in the game.I loved it ,really fun and entartaing

User Rating: 10 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare PS2
TMNT games didnt seem to atract Gspot attension,but seriously ,this game is awsome,has alot of stuff to do,minigames,power-upps COMBOS(MAJOR POWER-UPPS)It is rad .Its very fun with a friend to play,and it gets even more great when you unlock the ultimate trutles.But gets way to easy .It is very action packed and can be very fun .Also some fun challenges in the game,like freeplay .you go around levels search for scrolls and crystals.Its pretty great,and pretty challenging,post parts of the game,especially some areas with alot of enemsi this game is great.It is very fun,really great and last long to keep ya` busy for a while.TMNT mutants nightmare is a simply fun game,combos great stuff,free play and alot of great stuff too .

Also the gme is extremly fun,one of the best games(in my oppinoin)It has alot of combos,alot of great stuff,its pretty challenging,ahard and very entartaining !