Super Crate Box is wonderful flashback to the era of arcade gaming.

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Crate Box PC
Super Crate Box is a wonderful game that looks and feels like a classic arcade game from the 80s. It is quite hard like older games used to be, but is still really addictive. You will probably play for a while until you beat it. It features multiple guns that you unlock by getting crates. Each time you get a crate your weapon changes. One weird thing is that the revolver is a better weapon than the shotgun. It also has many different enemies to face, some much harder to kill than others. Super Crate Box is a pleasant flashblack to the era or arcade gaming. I actually feel like I have already played it but that is probably because its so much like many classic games were. These are some of the many reasons I enjoyed Super Crate Box, there is a lot of nostalgia surrounding this 2D Shooter.