Fun and simple, Super Crate Box captures the essence of old-school gaming in a single package.

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Crate Box PC
With a name like Super Crate Box, it can only be expected that the average player is going to start asking questions like 'What is this game about?' 'What do you do in this game?' 'And what exactly is a Super Crate Box?' The answer to the last question there is really quite a simple one: it's the name of one highly enjoyable and highly addictive game.

Super Crate Box is; simply put; a game of survival in the form of a 2D platformer. Confined to a small area consisting of numerous platforms and a fire pit, the player assumes control over what is best described as a gun-wielding, walking box as they traverse the stage collecting boxes that spawn at random locations, all the while avoiding the deadly green walking boxes that drop down from the top of the screen, gradually working their way to the bottom of the stage. Collecting a box earns you a new weapon, which you can then use to blow up, slice in half or otherwise utterly decimate your square-shaped assailants before they get too close. Killing a box often results the appearance of a ghost, which slowly chases the player around the stage until it is dispatched. In the event that one of the green boxes reaches a fire pit, it will respawn at the top of the stage as a red box and proceed to move through the level in the same manner as before, albeit much faster. Every so often, giant boxes will appear to make the player's life more difficult. These characters move slower, but can withstand a much greater degree of punishment before going down. As with their regular counterparts, the giant boxes are also capable of returning from the grave as red variants of themselves.

As time passes in a level and more and more enemies are allowed to go running about unchecked, the number of red boxes running amok can increase quickly. It's quite something to watch half a dozen giant red boxes cascade down each platform and follow each other to their demise, especially when you're caught in the middle of a stage with the said boxes pouring down on either side of your character.

Should you happen to die (and you will die), the number of boxes you've collected up to that point is reset to zero and you start again. Collecting a certain number of boxes across all your playthroughs will unlock new stages, weapons and characters, though it's worth taking into account that the last of those three is purely for cosmetic purposes.

It's a simple premise, and one that works extremely well. Super Crate Box is the perfect example of a game for player with little time to spare who's looking to get some hardcore action into their day. The joy of playing a stage over and over again and setting a new record never seems to dissipate, even after dying for the twentieth time. The concept of making the player take 'one last go' has clearly been well-applied here.
Super Crate Box goes for the tried and true retro art style that many indie developers have opted for. While the art style does its job and gives the game the desired feel, it's nothing new. It's been done before countless times, even in cases where the theme of the game doesn't actually mesh well with the chosen art style. Each stage has its own unique BGM track, although it's worth mentioning that almost all of these tracks are monotonous and annoying.

Super Crate Box may not be the deepest platformer around, but its charm is undeniable. Its sheer simplicity and accessibility are what make the game so enjoyable. Ultimately Super Crate Box is a great platformer for anyone looking to spice up their day with a little hardcore platforming action.