The game has a good replay value and you will come back and play it over time.

User Rating: 9.3 | Street Fighter III: Double Impact DC
This was Capcom's first installment of Street Fighter III. Released in arcades as separate Street Fighter III: New Generation and Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. Two of the most noticeable changes from any other Street fighter game before it was the flawless gameplay and smooth character sprite animations.

In 1999 the port of both games came to the Dreamcast console on a single disc. The game was a prefect port with both games running smoothly and without any noticeable loading times.

Street Fighter III: New Generation featured a small amount of characters. This included the only classic characters Ryu and Ken. There was lot of new characters including Ibuki, Sean, Elena, Necro, and more. To a shocking surprise Chun-Li did not make it in either of the two games. The games background settin of the stages gave a nice old school feel. The one we have seen in all Street Fighter games. Some stages ware made out of two place settings. Elena's stage for example, you fight the first round on a bridge made simply out of wood. As you finish the first round the bridge will fall and the second round will continue in a different setting at the bottom of the bridge.

The Street Fighter III: Second Impact had some improvements over Street Fighter New Generation. Most improved was the number of characters. Still there was no sign of Chun-Li, but Akuma is there along with other new characters like Hugo, Urien, Yin and Yen. There ware few new stages and some old ones with different colors and theme.

One of the most impressive thing about both games is the gameplay. With great speed response and impact that made the game enjoyable and gave it a great replay value. The characters had awesome special attacks that like in the Street Fighter Alpha series are executed when the super power meter is filled up. Depending on which of the three special moves you select after choosing your character. You will need to fill your super power meter up to 3x to execute the special attack. The game keeps its simple gameplay from stage to stage as in all Street Fighter games before. With victory scenes with text and a picture. As you progress and get to the final boss Gill and half fire half ice deamon. He will be a challenging at many times, but only because he cheats by doing the same move over and over. After a while you will wish M. Bison was there. After you have defected Gill, If you are lucky not to have him execute Resurrection special. You will be presented with a traditional ending with text and images. The images are nice drawings to look at and will give you an idea of the story.

The games sound presentation is more of a calm feeling. This is said mainly for the stages. While the music is relaxing and sets the mood to fit the theme of the background rather then the gameplay. This is not a bad thing, all in all it comes together nicely. Then there is character sound-fx. These are done well, all the characters react and make sounds to indicate pain of the attack. There is that famous screams and moans as the character is KOed.

To a Street Fighter fan this game is highly recommended and even for gamers of the genre. The game has a good replay value and you will come back and play it over time. The game is fun, while assessable only at arcades where found and for Dreamcast owners who can get their hands on a copy.