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Street Fighter III: Double Impact Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Hidden Extra Options

    From the title screen, you may choose either Street Fighter III or Street Fighter III: Second Impact. At the mode select, highlight ''Options'' and hold the L Trigger + R Trigger buttons. Keep holding them throughout the rest of the trick.

    Next, choose ''Option''. On the Option Mode screen, highlight Game Option, and press:

    Left, Left, X, X, Right, Right.

    Move down to Button Config and press:

    Left, Left, Y, Y, Right, Right.

    Move down to Screen Adjust and press:

    Left, Left, X, Y, Right, Right

    Move down to Sound and press:

    Left, Left, Y, X, Right, Right.

    You will see Extra Option underneath the Sound option.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Full Pause Screen

    Simply pause the game and press X + Y together and you'll get a full pause without the menu.

    Contributed by: CChan 

  3. Fight Akuma

    Get three perfect victories. Akuma will come up with a raging demon to the boss you are fighting, and you'll get to fight him.

    Contributed by: Desert eagle 

  4. Fight Shin Akuma

    Beat Akuma with two finishing specials without losing losing a round. Akuma should leap up and the sky will turn dark and you will face Shin Akuma.

    Contributed by: Desert eagle 

  5. Alternative way to fight Shin Akuma

    Beat Akuma in either round with a perfect. You must not lose any rounds yourself. After this, Akuma will get back up and challenge you as Shin Akuma.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  6. Fight hidden rival

    This will not work on New Generation. You have to be playing 2nd Impact to make it work. In the one player mode, you need to get at least 4 super art finishes and must not lose any rounds as you play. After your fourth super finish, the message "Your rival has found you!" will appear on screen and you will get to fight him/her. Each character has a different hidden rival.

    Contributed by: Rugal 

  7. SF III: Second Impact - Unlockable Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Highlight Sean, press Up Akuma
    Put difficulty to 1 star, damage to 8 stars, rounds to 1. Beat the game, then highlight Sean and press Up Gill
    Beat Shin Akuma, then select Akuma, hold Start and press any other button Shin Akuma

    Contributed by: ATadeo, KasketDarkfyre, Desert eagle 

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