star trek legacy is a very good game

User Rating: 8 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
Star trek legacy

The game play

You are the captain of the federation ship enterprise as you go through the missions you get the upgraded enterprise from the enterprise A to the USS enterprise D (Picard's ship)
Your enemies are everyone from the Borg to the klingons.

The graphics

The graphics are very good the detailing on the ships and the phazors are amazing and when you fire a photon torpedo you can see where it is going also when you go in to warp the background is distorted and the ship is stretched and when you go in to warp the ship goes back to it normal size because the camera has court up with the ship and you can see all of the stars shooting past you.

The sound

The sounds are very good when you start you engines you can hear them power up and start moving the ship also the phazors you can hear when you fire them and lock on to a target, you can even hear the captain give the orders and the crew responding, also they tell you when a order can not be performed, also when you go in to warp you can hear the engine really power up ready for warp.