Could have been better...but not nearly as bad as I feared.

User Rating: 7.4 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
This game could have been great...with more development time it may have been. But the end product is something that is fun yet flawed. I have played 4-5 hours so far. Single player only about 3-4 on the missions and about an hour on skirmish mode against the cpu. The presentation and story so far have been the good things for me as well as seeing the ships in combat. The combat itself is okay but just feels frustrating at times...which may be because I am thinking about how much fun other space combat games have been like tie fighter. Granted these are larger ships but it still feels like it takes hours to turn with the larger ships and makes you feel helpless at times. The controls are not bad but it is difficult to manage all four ships at this point in the game but I can see myself improving with each mission. The graphics are good on the ships models but other parts look like last gen. Being a star trek fan makes this game fun to play but I dont know if someone who isnt a fan will find enough to like about this game to warrant a purchase. I am excited to continue playing but with the lack of in mission checkpoints or saves it can get a little annoying to be seconds away from victory and then have to start over. In conclusion I would say it is definitely a rent and a buy for star trek fans who enjoy a challenge.