For a non-trekker this is nothing short of an awesome game but for a trekker its nothing less than pure gold!

User Rating: 9 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
Well being in Australia I got the game after everyone, and this was one I was really anticipating. But first of all horror struck when I saw the the PC review, and was sceptical once again when the 360 review I was a bit unsure but releived a little, but yesterday I bought the game and took it home after work and heres my opinion and to my surprise was extremely happy with what I paid for.

Gameplay: The gameplay is solid exciting and fun, maybe for me more so for me being a trek fan, but the control scheme works well for me and after a bit of learning and practice you can master it. The story is compelling and the ships and general system works well for me. Graphics:
The graphics have good and bad points, The textues on the ships and the movement etc. are really good but it also has it downfalls for example when something blows up it blows into blocky chunks which looks ugly with such nice textures, but you tend to get around it.

Loved hearing all the captains voices in one game, the voice acting of the captains was awesome imo. this is an area which failed to dissapoint allthough there could have been some more compelling back noise or even some music like wen voyager is fighting speciaies 8472 lol , dunno but was happy none the less!

IMO value for me was grear as you get pulled into the batlles and you will notice the time slip away and for most said the same system was annoying btu for me it was fine I havn't gotten frustrated with having to refight missions.. But top value, only thing I would of liked to see is more races of ships. but This is only the beginning there will be more to come I feel it

Tilt:: I would say if your not a trek fan or into space sims rent the game first but if your into this klnda thing or a trekker go and get it now! .. This is my first review so sorry if I left alot of info out but eh? lol.. I tried to defend that which has bashed lol.. Rock on guys! *horns up*