This game is slightly on the difficult side when it comes to gameplay, however it really brings Star Trek to life.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
Although this game really focuses on starship combat, there is also an element of space exploration. It is impossible to get past even the first mission in the campaign without developing a strategy against your enemy. You can do this strategy-building in the Skirmish mode in the game. You select your race, era and fleet size then go out to battle. Even thought you can play the Federation, Romulans, Klingon, and Borg you can only be the Federation in the campaign. The campaign mission "The Shepard" is very difficult. You have to protect some medical starships that are en-route to cure several planets of a deadly disease. The only advice other than "fight hard" that I can give you is DO NOT ATTACK THE ROMULAN STARBASE. It only waists time and leaves the ships venerable to attack. The reasons that this game did not earn a ten are as follows:

It is really frustrating to use the strategy map to give orders. The mouse is very bad at responding.
It is kind of cheesy when an enemy ship is about to blow up an they say "This is no challenge. Tell me where I can find an opponent worthy of my skill."
The game claims to have "every ship from the movies and TV series" but there are some huge gaps: What happened to the Scimitar from Star Trek Nemesis?, What happened to the Valdore type warbirds? and Why does NX-01 Enterprise look so different from the TV series?

The graphics are good, and the effects are spectacular. However it is funny when your ship is covered in laser burns, venting gases, has sections of hull missing, and is only at 20% damage. All in all, it is a very good game, with a few problems that don't cause a real problem, but a quite annoying.

Note: I strongly recommend that you get the free "Ultimate Universe" mod. The only problem that it doesn't fix is that the ships still do the "This is no challenge..." script line.