Bitterly Disappointing. The most dumbed down Trek game Ive seen.

User Rating: 3.5 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
The most recent Star Trek game to hit the market, Legacy had high hopes put on it. Maybe they were too high, but the hype made it sound like we should expect some good things. Sadly, that wasnt the case. I am 35. I remember playing the pen and paper Starfleet Battles game. I still have rule books and errata that quite literally stacks over a foot tall just in rule books and modules alone. That type of depth and detail is what most of us old school Trek fans come to expect when it comes to anything "Trek". That might not be what is considered main stream, but you get the picture. I am also a PC gamer. I do not even own a console. My thinking is "why spend all that money on a console when I have a killer PC already?" Now on to the review! IMHO the very first industry standard that any PC game has to follow (ok after it needing to run on Windows OS maybe) is the ability to configure the user interface. Honestly, name one halfway decent PC game that does not have that feature. Yes, I know modders can do wonders to games these days, but such a feature is as much an industry standard for a PC title as anything else. Legacy doesnt have it. The keys it assigns are what you are forced to use, like it or not. Once you come to accept having to play a game with a feeling of one hand tied behind your back you have the documentation. The game manual is small, rather limited and even conflicts with in-game help tips on occasion.
(Just one example off the top of my head is when the in-game tooltip says to use the "LS" button to enable sub system targeting while the booklet says its the "T" button.) The booklet also is rather vague at times. It says to use the right mouse or the Q button to warp to your destination. After piloting my ship for for a while I repeatedly hit my right mouse button to no effect. Only after playing a few missions did I finally understand that the right mouse 'warp' command is only for the tactical map screen. The next thing you notice are the graphics. Lets just say up front that they are bad. Extremly bad. 1920 x 1200 Nvidia G8800GTX and its like I am watching Saturday morning cartoons. Its such a waste. This ties directly into the dumming down of the gameplay. Yes your ships take visual damage and at times its kinda cool. The only problem with that is that the game is so dumbed down that you can repair any ship to full combat strength an infinite ammount of times during a mission all while looking at holes and burn marks scorched across the hull. Combat damage has absolutly ZERO impact on gameplay. It us purely cosmetic as far as I can tell. No, I have not had a nacell blown off, but then again if any of my ships get to 80% damage I just warp them away from the combat and repair while the rest of my ships finish fighting. You also never control more than 5 ships at any one time. I have also not seen any upgrades at all besides trading in ship A for ship B. You cannot modify any ship sub systems (or I have not seen it yet and Im about halfway done w/the game) In game decisions also had very little impact on the game, which further added to the "dumbing down" feeling. There is one mission where ships start appearing and all your doing is "blowing stuff up". There is zero reason to hail ships, scan them or anything other than what is specifally listed on your objective list, which makes it hard to feel as if you have any control over the story line besides following orders that the game spoon feeds to you. Voice acting: Top Notch. I have played this game for a little over 5 hours and have completed the Archer era and am at least halfway through the Kirk era. I have also seen the first half of the online video showing a mission led by Cmdr. Cisco. I was extremly impresed by Mr. Shatner's voiceover work. He did an awesome job. Summary: Legacy is nothing more than an XBox title that plays like an arcade game designed for young kids. If you are looking for any depth at all, look elsewhere. If you can get past the poor documentation and lack of interface control for the PC and just want a mindless space flight/combat sim, then you might enjoy this to some extent. I did like the voice work and it helped make you feel like you were watching the TV shows.