If someone offered to recommend this game to me I would punch him in the face.

User Rating: 1 | Star Trek: Legacy PC
The game is beyond repair. Problems with standard version (without patch) very easy and above all stupid interface.
Click there - do this - you win.

Except the voice talents in the game this game is an EPIC FAIL. I often ask myself a question do developers play the game they are creating?

For example the main menu is ridiculous.

StarTrek TopTip for developers:
- game must be meant and designed for intelligent people (for example in US value system: IQ above shoe size)
- game needs to be a worthy opponent and challenge the player
- no hack/cheats enabled
- you really dont need to spend time developing a UI, it has a freaking UI its LCARS, WE LIKE IT THAT WAY
- when in doubt look at SFC, BotF and BC

I am so sorry that captains answered the call and gave their voices to this. This game is an insult.