Frustrating cheesy boss fights ruin the entire game

User Rating: 4.5 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope International PS3
Star Ocean: The last Hope is/way the last hope for the Star Ocean series and for me personally, it failed. The entire series has always followed the traditional Japanese method of having stupidly difficult boss fights and last hope is no different which really ruin the entire story and immersion.

Nothing worse than having fun with the story, character side stories and then thinking 'oh no, cheesy boss fight coming soon' and unfortunately, its very true. There are very few boss fights in Last Hope which are considered 'easy' by any means. Most fights have set mechanics and often require you to either be over- leveled considerably or have very carefully selected characters/skills in your party not to mention, its not entirely unreasonable to have boss fights last 10 - 20+ minutes! and some select notorious monsters like Kokabiel and Apostle can take a very long time to beat unless you have the best gear/over leveled + correct character balance and of course, you know the strategy down to a tee.

Basically, this game is one of those games ~ you either love or hate it. For me, I try to love it ~ but the unreasonable boss fights (at any difficulty level) are just too much for me to enjoy the game.