Stands as one of the best RPG experiences on the Playstation 3

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Ocean: The Last Hope International PS3
Ah Star Ocean The Last Hope International, the prequel to the entire Star Ocean series how long have we yearned for the Star Ocean experience on the Sony system? Ultimately no matter how long the wait was, the game was worth it.

Star Ocean's story explores the world and the prompting that they needed to explore the Star Ocean to support the future life of planet Earth. Following the inaugural launch of ships capable of warp travel, the main character and associated ships set out to find hospitable planets for the people of Earth. What starts out as an easy task soon involves a mystery that holds the uniting of numerous species, takes place across numerous planets and dimensions, and one that promises to be an emotional ride that has the entire universe at stake.

The story seems to last at no less than 40 hours (for me it took 83 hours) and spans about five or so planets. Each one is more diverse and filled with quite a bit of space for exploration purposes and dungeon variety. Yes, in this RPG you can actually explore the land and traverse it to get to the dungeons and such. There are numerous enemy types, weapons, chests to find, items/material to harvest. Players even have the ability to synthesis items, and return to each planet to complete numerous quests in each town and in locations too. The amount of things that can be done is actually quite exhaustive and can not be listed. The game is perhaps one of the best epitomes of replay value. There is even a coliseum with ranks to face numerous monsters, as well as post game content.

Gameplay wise enemies are visible on the overworld map and skills can be used inside and out of battle. Battles take place using an active system in which you use the trigger buttons to do specials and x to attack and such. Theres a nice battle simulator that goes over all the details of battle such as blindsiding to land critical attacks, counters, and etc, so the battle system is pretty enthralling and flashy. Unfortunately one can not control all their party members but one can freely switch to them in battle.

Otherwise presentation wise the games looks gorgeous in battle and flashy with tons of particle effects. Actually sometimes there are so much that the screen will just be glowing. I thought it was pretty awesome indeed. This version allows for the switching of characters models from 3D models to 2D Portraits which are quite nice, as well as six text language options (two voiced, English and Japanese) and cutscenes are matched only to the Japan track. The soundtrack is amazing too and the battle theme is quite catchy.

The game is pretty stellar in all that it has to offer for RPG fans and really only has flaws in the sometimes overkill numbers of enemies in some dungeons, distance to some save points is rather far, and brutal trophies, otherwise its an excellent and fantastic game.