This game is not that bad its just that is a little random for me cause this is my first star fox game ever. And its fun

User Rating: 8 | Star Fox Command DS
To start the game off. You only play as fox and as you go through the game you will play others like Slippy and Falco and Krystal. Some of these mission will not make since sometimes and they will get harder and sometimes easier like stopping a missile. Actually, as you read in my deck this is my first star fox game but it lives up to my standards because I can be picky about my games. Also I beat my games very fast but this I cannot beat that fast. And in this game you fight your nemisis star wolf. They will be kind of hard at first but you will catch on. The down fall of this game is that they will give a time limit to this game and you only get four turns to do what you need to do. So if you got a DS go get this game and it only cost me about thirty-three dollars. Also to add don't let the enemie get close to the great fox. Just buy the game and you'll see what I mean.