While Command may be a lot different than its predecessors, it is still a great game that takes full advantage of the DS

User Rating: 8.2 | Star Fox Command DS
Gameplay: Anyone familiar with the Starfox formula will recognize this. However, Command has taken a "Advance Wars meets Starfox" type of route. When you start your single player game, you will see of course Fox talking to ROB in the jibberish language, and you will see a recap of some previous events as well. The story itself sticks to the usual Starfox storyline, some evil force comes to the galaxy (Anglar in this case), and wants to rule the galaxy. Through the game, you will draw your flight plan on a map, but each flight needs to be done strategically. In the game there are motherships for your enemy, and the Great Fox for your side. Basically, you need to destroy all of the enemies motherships and units, while protecting the Great Fox from missiles, enemies, etc. While this doesnt really seem right for a Starfox game, they did at least blend it in well. While planning through these maps you will have to face 1 of 3 challenges, shooting down a missile, destroying enemies, or destroying a mother ship. Each of them aren't particularly hard, but certain points you will surely find to be very challenging, even thoguh a few of the missions can become repetitive. Even though most reviews say its easy, this game does bring a decent challenge.

Now to get to the controls. Those of you doubting the stylus controls, doubt no more! It does have a learning curve, but the stylus control gives you more control over your ship than ever before! You will find yourself shooting more accurately, and you will see that its pretty to see how sensitive the screen is! In comparison, the controls are much liek Metroid Prime Hunters, only in a third person space shooter point of view.

As far as multiplayer goes, it is pretty basic. If you want to conenct via the WFC, you can do either Battle Royale or Free Battle. One thing I do like about this setup, is that if you do a free battle and you lose, it wont count against your record. However that goes both ways as well.... Another addition to the wifi I found to be interesting and more convenient is that you can pick how many players you want to face off with, where as in games like Hunters you constantly would setup a random match, but it would only end up giving you one other player to face. The in game multiplayer itself is what youd expect, and it is actually pretty good even thoguh it is basic and lacking customization. The developers added a little bit of a twist for multiplayer as well. When you destroy an opponent, you dont actually get a point until you take the star they leave behind. This star can be stolen by anyone in the match, so it really makes htigns more interesting. The records also will keep track of how many stars total youve collected in the game overall. Multiplayer could be much better, but it could be much worse as well.

Graphics: Easily, I would say this is one of if not the best looking game on the DS. Some of the effects could be better, and the enemies aren't as sharp looking as the N64 Starfox's enemies, but still for a handheld DS game Command holds up very well! Ships look great, and lots of environmental details.

Sound: It's classic Starfox music as far as sound goes. Honestly, I am a little disappointed wiht the sounds and music in the game. Not enough of it felt Starfox-ish. Not to say there weren't moments where it did, but it just kidn of took me by surprise that tehre weren't many exciting soudns as in previous games. However, the sound does suit its purpose and is still good nonetheless.

Value: The storymode is 5 hours long, and there are 9 different endings to the game. Add some multiplayer to that and youve got a great game for replay value! This game easily ranks up with the best DS games as far as replay value goes.

All in all, Starfox Command is probably the best Starfox weve seen since Starfox 64. There are some flaws, but most of them wont stand in the way of you enjoying the game to the fullest.