Star Fox Command combines strategy with the Star Fox series exciting sci-fi shooting action, making one great DS game.

User Rating: 8.2 | Star Fox Command DS
Star Fox Command for the DS is a very unique game, using the touch screen for control of your ship and your flight path. Unlike the previous Star Fox games, you don’t continuously fly through all of the levels. Instead you plot your flight path to intercept, and destroy missiles, and ships using the touch screen. It’s pretty fun, and, sometimes, involves some strategy and thought. Story Mode is pretty fun, and has some lasting value, because after you beat the game once, you have a choice in some parts of the game to choose different dialogue, to meet a couple of new characters, see some new ships and unlock new endings. Anyway, the story starts off with the Star Fox team disbanding, because of Andross’s defeat, but then, a new evil arises, a fish type alien named Anglar. Fox has a decision to make: should he take on this new threat single handedly, or should he seek out his fellow pilots to help him. Story Mode takes you through a lot of different missions, with one primary goal, protecting the Great Fox (Flag Ship), and trying to gun down the other team’s mothership(s), and/or some missiles and enemy ships heading toward the Great Fox. You have a number of turns to do this. Each turn, you draw your flight plan on the touch screen, to try to win, and defeat the enemy. If you run out of turns, you lose. On some missions, there is fog in parts of the area. You start off each of your turns rubbing out some of the fog to reveal targets and ships. The game really tried to make it hard by making many possibilities for you to lose, such as, like I said, running out of turns, the Great Fox getting shot down, getting your ship gunned down, or even running out of time or fuel. There is also a Missile Chase Minigame (Another way for you to lose!). In this little minigame, you have to go through a series of checkpoints to get close enough to shoot down a missile. If you miss a checkpoint, the missile gets away, resulting in a failed mission. This can be frustrating at times, but at least it makes the game a bit harder. Sometimes you even get a second chance at gunning the missile down. Although it’s fairly simplistic, multiplayer is quite fun at times. All you do is gun down other peoples ships and collect the stars that appear in the spot where they were destroyed. Of course, if someone is destroyed, they respawn immediately. The object is to collect as many stars as you possibly can, and the one with the most stars, before the time runs out, wins. It can be pretty fun sometimes, and you can play multiplayer with just one copy of the game. So If you’re ever bored, and you have a couple of friends over with DS’s, and you want to blow stuff up, play a little Star Fox Multiplayer. The graphics in this game look great. The ships, and environments are stunning, and make the gaming experience feel fresh, and exciting. The character models, and artwork look pretty cool too. The sound and music are pretty cool. There is no real speech from the characters, but they do talk gibberish... which can get kind of annoying when ROB is talking, but you’ll get over it. There’s an option where you can say a few things into the mic., and then Fox, instead of talking gibberish, will say the things that you said. It’s kinda funny sometimes. Overall, the game is pretty great, and it’s also a fun, new addition to the Star Fox series. Thank you for taking time to read this review. I really appreciate it.