One of the best Star Fox games

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox: Assault GC
So here we are the next Star Fox game and boy is it a good one After the Star Fox Adventures game i thought there wouldn't be anymore Star fox games but im glad i was wrong.

So if you think hard about it Starfox Assualt is kinda like Star fox 64 but with more features such has being able to go on foot the Landmaster (A Tank) and the Arwing (A Fighter Jet that can shoot lazers) in specific levels.Fox who is leader of the Star fox along with his team go to help General Pepper in attacking a rebellious group who is attacking Coneria Forces the leader of the group is Okinny.... Andross's Nephew. Star Fox is successful in pushing back the group in a corner and just as Fox is about to finish Oinkinny a strange force finishes him the Aparoids! After retreating back Fox is told about the History of the Aparoids and he is determined to stop them from taking over the Lylat System.

When your on foot you can shoot things with various weapons you may find or you can find the Landmaster and demolish anything in sight.You can also take to the skies in your Arwing and take down enemy air support which where most of the action is.

During your missions your friends will occasionally need help which gets annoying at times but it wont take much effort to save them you dont have to help them but if you do you will be rewarded later on during the stage via power-up or extra life if you dont not only will you not get these power-ups but you will be all alone on the battlefield and you'll feel guilty.

The Controls of this game is very fluent and can be learnt in a matter of minutes plus you have difficulty settings so you have control over how hard the game is.

The Replay value in this game is very high because not only is there a point system in which where you wanna see just how high you can go and get either the Bronze, Silver or Gold Medals but there are 5 hidden flags in each stage The music in this game is awesome and always fits the mood of each stage whether your Out in a desolated city or asteroid field.

*On a side note there is also a multiplayer mode if you want to battle to the death with up to 3 other friends.

Final Rundown
Graphics: 9/10 (Although Cutscenes are few they are awesome)
Gameplay/Control: 9/10 (Control is easy to learn but the landmaster is a little tough to control)
Music: 10/10 (It always fits the stage and moods)
Replay Value: Very High
Buy or Rent: Buy

Final Comment: I think this is the best Star Fox game.