An excellent addition to the starfox series!

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox: Assault GC
The second game since Star fox 64, Assault has plenty of great action, addicting gameplay, and an interesting story that'll keep you entertained. After starting the game, you won't want to put it down.

The story starts with the Cornerian army battling the remnants of Andross's army. Oinkonny, former member of star wolf and apparently nephew to Andross, has taken control of these rebelling troops. General Pepper has requested assistance, and the Great Fox has answered the call. Fox and his friends tear through the enemies and pursue Oinkonny onto a nearby planet. After defeating more resistance, Oinkonny is met by Fox, but before he can finish him off, a mysterious enemy blows Oinkonny away. This foe is an aparoid, which turn out to be strange alien creatures bent on dominating the Lylat system by controlling life forms with weak wills. Fox's only hope is to figure out where their homeworld is, find the queen, and kill her, neutralizing the threat.

The gameplay is always fun, because it has great arwing battles, fun landmaster sections, and very entertaining ground missions. In your arwing, you fight countless enemy ships along a set "path" out in space. Your main weapon is a single-shot laser, which can be upgraded by collecting certain power-ups. You can also fire bombs to take out many enemies at once. The ship can barrel roll, flip, boost, and brake as well. The landmaster is the giant tank you ride on a planet's surface to deal some real damage. You can fire its laser at enemies, roll, boost, and even hover! Move across the land and thin out the bad guys ranks! On foot, missions are usually about taking out certain targets, such as cloaking devices, hatchers, or machinery. You have quite the selection of weapons to use for these tasks, including machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, and even grenades! The aparoids are generally pretty weak, but they almost always travel in packs, so be prepared and watch your health bar. At times, Fox gets to ride on an arwing from the outside with a plasma cannon to aid him. Those sections of the game happen to be some of my favorite because of how engaging the combat is during those battles. From arwing to landmaster to ground travel, controls are smooth and easy to learn. Missions not quite challenging enough? No problem. Each one has 3 difficulty levels for you to test your skills on. In fact, if you complete all silver medal missions, you'll unlock a bonus NES game. It's not too impressive, but it is a nice extra feature.

The music in the game is limited to a few tracks throughout, but every one is catchy. The graphics are very impressive looking and the dialogue is good, even humorous at times. Sound effects in the game are their best, making actions sound pretty cool. Replay value is pretty big, not only to get medals and the unlockable game, but also because the missions are so much fun! Boss fights are at the end of every level, and most of them are very creative and keep you on your toes.

Overall, this is a really great game. It caters to star fox fans extremely well, and yet newcomers can have an awesome time with it as well. I'd easily recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun title. Enjoy!