Single player is quite repetetive, but stick around for the multiplayer.

User Rating: 7 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe X360
If you chose this over Spiderman 3... well I'll tell you why you made the wrong choice. Firstly the game is painfully repetetive and boring after the 3rd level, secondly you can't swing from building to building considering the lineiar beat-em-up style and lastly the story is terrible! But don't let those things get in the way of a good time. You can choose what hero/villian will fight alongside you before you go out to the level and the are alot of characters to choose from so that's pretty cool. The gameplay and combat is pretty good. But by far the best part is the multiplayer sure the co-op is fun and all but it really shines in the vs mode. You can choose whatever character you want and go all out on a friend. I don't really care about graphics but this game's graphics just didn't do it for me, they were very cartoony and didn't suit the style. Granted it was made for kids, but still the graphics and difficulty were extremely lacking. But if you have someone to play againts in versus then you should purchase this.