This Is A Game For Children, And ONLY For Children.

User Rating: 6 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe X360
Spider-Man:FoF is somehwat misleading in that it seems on the surface to be yet another spider man game. In addition the reviews tend to emphasize that it's "good" for kids, rather than the reality which is that it is "only" for kids. This is not some game which will charm young and old alike; FoF is a short and simplistic game that presents NO challenge or meaningful gameplay. Because of the characters and the bright graphics and ease of use, it's a fine game for a pre teen audience, but it is utterly useless to anyone else. The game exists on two very simple levels: Basic fighting, and cutscenes. It's very important to note that when I say BASIC fighting, it's very barebones. This is simply not a game for anyone (other than a youngster) who has any experience with fighting games or previous spider-man games. On the other hand, the cutscenes are well done, but the story is terribly simple and contrived. Once again, this is not aimed at teen or adult audience. Normally it isn't necessary to continually emphasize the fact that a game is for children, but FoF was really marketed as a game where the hook is playing as foes like Venom and the Green Goblin... not that it was actually just Spider-Man: Lite. Once again, unlike a Mario game, or even the Lego games this isn't a game that has levels which appeal to multiple ages. there are no compelling puzzles and the gameplay is just to damned easy to challenge anyone. On a technical level, the sound and voice acting is terrific, and as a children's game it is actually well made. However, for ANY agegroup, selling a game that even an 8 year old could finish in a single sitting for $60 is a pretty raw deal. This is definitely a rental for ANYONE, and even for hardcore spidey fans, don't make the mistake of thinking that this is a must own, as there is NO replay value at all. The Graphics are fine, but not stunning... it lends itself to a somewhat polygonal and saturated look, but because it IS based on a comic it works. Next gen this game is NOT.

I find it difficult to rate this game above a 6.0 because even as a child's game it's value is so low, and the experience so brief. Really, this game is just one that didn't need to be made. Period. This is, by all accounts, a step back for the series. Ah well, such is life.