One of the worst Spider-man games to date. Supreme Mediocrity.

User Rating: 5.5 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe X360
Like a bad cartoon that just wont end this game tires itself out faster than grandpa climbing up a flight of stairs.

A basic old school beatem up action in 3d.

Gameplay is extremly limited and frustratingly repetitive.

Challenge is almost non existant, due to incredibly poor AI unlimited deaths, and a ridiculous supply of power ups .

Graphics are nothing more than a smoothed over flat and shiny cartoon look.Animations are so simple but not bad to look at. Special effects the likes of which you've seen countless times before.

Sound FX that are poor and uninspired clicks and buzzes.

On the plus side, controls are very easy to learn and master, There is a large variety of characters available ( but only once you unlock them 1 by 1 )although they all bascialy play the same.

2 ply Co op bot on and offline is a rare treat but doesnt really serve a purpose. Voice overs sound great and wont become repetative.

The game takes about 7 - 8 hours to complete, which is about 4 hours too long. The story is extremly basic good guys vs bad guys. No surprises.

Rent if your really bored or get it for a kid to play to keep him out of trouble.
Otherwise its not worth your time or money.