One of the best super hero games ever made.

User Rating: 10 | Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage SNES
This was a great game, one of the best Beat-'Em-Ups out there still. You play as Spider-Man almost half the game, then later on you have the option of switching to Venom. Basically you are set in a story to capture "Maximum Carnage" teamed up with many other villains, so Spider-Man & Venom must work together to put an end to Carnage. But since in a Beat Em Up all that matters is the gameplay, I'll get right to it.

Gameplay: You have two attack buttons, punch and the web. With the web button you can shoot it onto an enemy either by capturing them and not being able to move or, to pull them towards you and attack them. You can also create a shield with your web. Also, by pressing the jump and the punch button at the same time you do a super move that hits anyone close to you. Swinging is the same web button and pressing up (unless you're using the 6 Button controller it'll be a different button, this also applies to the SNES version). There is another move that can be done though, you simply get in the middle of two enemies and press the web button, what will happen next is that it'll drag both enemies and will make them run into each other knocking themselves out, minions will die with one hit if you do this move, and with bosses it'll do quite a lot of damage to them as well.

Genesis and SNES differences: Same gameplay, they both feel the same when you play them. However in the sound department it's a whole different story, the SNES version has better sound effects and music, make sure to play this version instead if you haven't done so already. Overall I recommend this game to anyone, fun game.

Final Score:
Controls: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
Difficulty: Normal to Hard.