South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play! is fun, more challenging and still going strong in the "South Park" game world.

User Rating: 7 | South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! X360

The Good:

It's great to see "South Park" return to the gaming world. Just like "Chef's Luv Shack", the game has the 2D look of the show. Tower Defense gives the game play a complete overhaul. You can unlock: Bio, Characters, Clips, Achievements, etc. Music score is epic and intense.

The Bad:

Game play feels like it was built more for Multi-player. Actual game costs 9.99.


Nine years after the events of "South Park Rally", the boys once again find their hometown of South Park under attack by deadly beings (South Park from 1998, anyone?) The boys must stop the evil forces and whoever's behind it..

Game play:

In terms of "Tower Defense" for the game play, it feels fresh and gives it a complete overhaul. However, by the time you try to stop enemies from getting across your battlefield, you really need someone to help you stop them. As you progress, you meet more notable characters along the way and to which leads you up to the final boss.


After experimenting with 3D back in the past, the developers decided the game should be 2D, just like Chef's Luv Shack. The game, like the previous installments, still feels just like the show. Alongside 2D visuals, environments are great and character models are great.

Music and Sound:

Music score is epic and intense. Sound effects are brilliant.


Left top joystick for moving your character around. A for throwing snowballs (Nice to see those again). X for stacking your gun machines or lasers. Y for special power that your character receives after their meter is filled.

Lasting Appeal:

It's been nine years since we've seen another South Park game, and Let's Go Tower Defense Play! shows that South Park is still alive in the gaming world. 7.5 out of 10.