Tower Defense with South Park's Silly Charm!

User Rating: 8 | South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! X360
It was going to happen eventually. Tower defense games have been around since...since cavemen, and South Park has finally joined the club.

It plays like any tower defense game. You have several different options to choose from when building your towers, each being able to be upgraded. Though keep in mind towers do more damage to certain enemies and less upon others!

Levels range from wide open fields, where you must quickly build walls to force your enemies into a maze like path, to already set paths where its much easier to destroy!!

There are many different kinds of enemies. Gingers, cows, hippies, terrorists and so on! :) They will attack in waves, and if you aren't prepared, well, shame on you. Just be ready.

All your favorite characters are included. Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle of course. And you can unlock many other characters like Butters and Jimmy!

Its fun, silly and short. Supports up to 4 players and is perfect for wasting time! Anyways, try it out. :)

Extra: A recent update added avatar unlocks! You can get a Cartman hat or a full body Kenny suit!