Another nice Sonic racing idea. Now if only it could have been more elaborated. Is still a decent play.

User Rating: 7.4 | Sonic R SAT
In Sonic R you get to choose to play has Sonic and friends around 4 courses in which once you finish them all you will unlock another one. Sonic R brings racing gameplay on foot in courses that have special items that will help you unlock new characters to play with. The courses also have different type of shortcuts, sadly some of them don't help quite a lot. The idea is certainly a good one for Sonic racing on foot sadly you don't get that strong feeling of an intense race that is going to be so hard to win. It just felt that you just run through the goal and not doing much else. Graphically the game looks pretty for his time in terms of course design. Sadly the character models are too blocky. The soundtrack is great that makes the game feel less plain, however the footstep sounds can be a bit annoying at times. Overall Sonic R is a nice try of a good racing idea however is left with lack of courses and in the end feels a bit too plain the gameplay. Is still an ejoyable experience worthy of a rental for Sonic fans tough you can't see this for rental right now but still worths giving a shot when you can. And for 10 bucks or less that you get the game it worths it.