Sonic Lost World may be similar to Super Mario Galaxy, but the inaccurate jumping controls makes it difficult to play.

User Rating: 6 | Sonic: Lost World WIIU

Sonic Lost World is a 3D plat former that was released on the Wii U on October 29, 2013 in North America. When I first played Sonic Lost World at Target (I didn't buy this game), it heavily reminded me of the Super Mario Galaxy series (particularly more of Super Mario Galaxy 2 with more obstacles and puzzle elements). As a result, Sonic Lost World may seem like a brand new solid title for the Wii U because it's a semi-clone of the Super Mario Galaxy series, but it isn't because of the inaccurate jumping controls Sonic possesses. I was actually hoping for Nintendo to develop Super Mario Galaxy 3 for the Wii U.

Presentation - Sonic travels in different lost worlds to rescue animals that are captured from the Deadly Six (bosses). Just like in the Galaxy series, Sonic alternates from 2D worlds to 3D worlds. He has to defeat all enemies in order to travel to the next small planet. Luckily, there is a multiplayer mode in Sonic Lost World. Similar to Galaxy, the second player controls a vehicle to help the first player out on his quest. Also, another cool feature that Sonic Lost World has is the two player versus mode (which was sadly absent in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2). Player 2 uses the Wii U game pad to race against the first player. You can even use the Miiverse to exchange items and use Off-TV play (which I don't even know about yet). However, the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World has no online play.

Graphics - The visuals are just as bright and colorful as it was in the previous Sonic games. However, the visuals aren't as detailed as it was in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.

Sound - The music is actually pretty catchy and just plain awesome to listen to.

Game play - Sadly, this is the one area that I will be taking a lot of points off my GameSpot score. You probably already noticed that Sonic doesn't run as fast as he did in his previous games. It's actually a good thing that Sonic has slower speed because it's much easier to react when he stops by enemies and other obstacles that are in his way. Also, you have the option to not make Sonic run at all. However, his imprecise jumping controls make it difficult for him to jump on some platforms. Since he doesn't quite jump high enough, he will occasionally die while trying to reach another platform.

Lasting appeal - Sonic Lost World may have the single player story mode with co-op multiplayer, and a 2 player versus mode, but his inaccurate jumping controls make this a frustrating game to play. Also, the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World has local and online multiplayer, but the Wii U version doesn't have an online multiplayer. Sonic fans will probably still buy Sonic Lost Worlds anyways.

The Good - single player mode has a 2 player co-op mode, 2 player versus mode, can share and exchange items on Miiverse

The Bad - Sonic's inaccurate jumping controls make it more difficult to jump on another plat form, no online play

Presentation - 7

Graphics - 6

Sound - 10

Game play - 5

Lasting appeal - 3

Overall 6.2 out of 10 GameSpot Score 6 out of 10