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Sonic: Lost World Cheats For 3DS

  1. Red star rings unlockables

    Collect all 15 red star rings in Desert Ruins Desert Ruins Zone Extra Level
    Collect all 15 red star rings in Frozen Factory Frozen Factory Zone Extra Level
    Collect all 120 red star rings in the game Lava Mountain Zone Extra Level
    Collect all 15 red star rings in Silent Forest Silent Forest Zone Extra Level
    Collect all 15 red star rings in Sky Road Sky Road Zone Extra Level
    Collect all 15 red star rings in Tropical Zone Tropical Coast Zone Extra Level
    Collect all 15 red star rings in Windy Hill Windy Hill Zone Extra Level

    Contributed by: happyless, Cloudflier 

  2. Unlockables

    Clear the game once to unlock harder versions of the main levels. Hard Mode
    Beat the final boss Music Player

    Contributed by: ChickenatorRob, hooblashoo 

Sonic: Lost World Cheats For Wii U

  1. Co-Op Mode RC Vehicles

    You can unlock RC vehicles to use in co-op mode by completing omochao's missions or by saving animals. For the first two vehicles in each category, clearing an additional mission in the how to unlock column will increase the vehicle's level. For the last three vehicles in each category, their level will increase by saving additional animals.

    Complete mission 24, 56, 59, or 97. Balloon 1
    Complete mission 32, 51, 64, or 81. Balloon 2
    Save 13,000 animals. Balloon 3
    Save 19,000 animals. Balloon 4
    Save 25,000 animals. Balloon 5
    Complete mission 2, 14, 41, or 45. Fighter Jet 1
    Complete mission 9, 47 ,80, or 95. Fighter Jet 2
    Save 10,000 animals. Fighter Jet 3
    Save 16,000 animals. Fighter Jet 4
    Save 22,000 animals. Fighter Jet 5
    Available at start. Complete mission 4, 42, or 84 for upgrade. Helicopter 1
    Complete mission 15, 38, 53, or 71. Helicopter 2
    Save 9000 animals. Helicopter 3
    Save 15,000 animals. Helicopter 4
    Save 21,000 animals. Helicopter 5
    Complete mission 29, 49, 72, or 94. Hovercraft 1
    Complete mission 3, 31, 73, or 98. Hovercraft 2
    Save 12,000 animals Hovercraft 3
    Save 18,000 animals. Hovercraft 4
    Save 24,000 animals. Hovercraft 5
    Complete mission 46, 50, 91, or 99. Stealth Jet 1
    Complete mission 6, 54, 57, or 75. Stealth Jet 2
    Save 11,000 animals. Stealth Jet 3
    Save 17,000 animals. Stealth Jet 4
    Save 23,000 animals. Stealth Jet 5
    Complete mission 18, 30, 86,or 93. UFO 1
    Complete mission 37, 74, 96, or 100. UFO 2
    Save 14,000 animals. UFO 3
    Save 20,000 animals. UFO 4
    Save 26,000 animals. UFO 5

    Contributed by: CC797 

  2. Bonus World

    After completing the game, a bonus world will be added to the top of the world map. It is made up not of actual levels, but of what appear to be ideas for special stages or bonus worlds that were cut from the game.

    Finish Lava Mountain Zone 4. Bonus World

    Contributed by: WillWare 

  3. Super Sonic

    When you collect all of the Red Rings in a zone, you will be rewarded with a Chaos Emerald for that zone. If you collect all seven Chaos Emeralds, you can use Super Sonic in any stage by collecting fifty rings and tapping the icon on the Gamepad.

    Collect all of the Red Rings. Super Sonic

    Contributed by: WillWare 

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