A good Leage of Legends: Reduced hatred, increased fun, increased learning curve

User Rating: 10 | SMITE PC

If you played lol you will remember things like "gg annie noob" or "***** **** ashe monster noob u ruined the game". Well, SMITE is different: You can still have fun with this game even if your solo laner feeds the enemy team with 0/7 after ten minutes.

The Great Gameplay:

You can play tactical and ambush the enemy team, gain objectives like the gold fury that grants money to your whole team and you can purchase actives (like summoner spells in lol) that counter the most fed enemy (p.ex. a speed buff vs an enemy adc, or a blink that removes stuns vs a fed jungler with stun ability.

Also, every shot is a skill shot. Not just the stupid qwer sequence in lol, no, here you need to plan on when you hit this, also hit this, if you miss, cast this.... also, this prevents you from looking at the minimap which you cant scroll over, so your teammates wont know why you died and if you failed hard cause everyone has a bad day once, they will just be sorry for you.

If you are in teamspeak with your friends and you die you can help them with your voice since they cant look behind their backs. In lol, when you are dead you have nothing better to do than to flame your teammates.

The game is designed with so much love to details, you will not belive how much effort they took to create the graphics and the sequences.

The Negative:

-You cant queue with 4 players (only 1,2,3 or 5, I dont get why????)

-The skins are minimal and not worth it. Well, there are 1 or two skins for each champ that are very unique but since you cant scroll over the map like in lol, you are the only person to see the skin closed up or when you die and you spectate the game. They should really change your attacks instead of your appearance and not only the color of the attacks cause this is what the enemy will see close up before they die ;)

This is a great game to play for 20 or 200 minutes with a giveup timer of only 10 minutes which is great and a much faster loading screen (no wooden pcs will play this I hope). Get the game, get some friends and gg!