A True Game for Gaming

User Rating: 10 | SMITE PC

While 10/10 might seem like a fan-boy way to start, don't be fooled, this game really has all the aspects to a game that I desire and there's no reason that it should not be awarded a full score. The game is a MOBA, but is different to all other MOBAs in the market at current due to its unique 3rd person camera and combat system. While it shares the other general aspects and brings nothing hugely new to the table, it feels as if you're playing another genre of game entirely due to a change of camerawork. While this may throw some who have known and loved the top down view for over a decade of playing this style game, I found it incredibly easy and fun to switch to. The way the game is stylised you could easily make the mistake at first glance of believing it's an MMORPG, however it is entirely different to that too, and it practically holds its own genre.

Movement is using WASD rather than using mouse clicks, but uses a centrally locked camera attached to the mouse for view. This creates the freedom of movement and viewing ability that is enjoyed by first person shooters, while still allowing all the elements of a MOBA to take place. You basic attacks will be guided by your mouse direction and are a skillshot, as opposed to automatically hitting the enemy you've clicked on. This instantly creates a situation where you can manipulate the battlefield by your movement, ability to dodge and use of the terrain and allies around you. The same is true of your abilities, though these can sometimes be skillshots or can be AOE damage attacks that have set areas they will damage. This comes together to give the game a competitive edge where you can spend weeks practicing leading targets to hit basic attacks or pulling off combo strings in your abilities.

Due to the nature of the game it's very easy to pick up but incredibly hard to master and you'll always find someone better than you or outplaying you. The game is constantly in flux of how it's best played, with the 'meta' never lasting more than a couple months and always small changes creating different situations which lead to fresh encounters.

I would say my concerns lie with the lack of choice of items, however as the game is only now coming out of beta there is likely to be big investment things like items and skins as opposed to creating a stable base game and good quality matchmaking and servers, which all struggled along during the development cycle. Having a long beta period allowed the developers (Hi-Rez) to stress test many aspects and also try out different approaches to how the map looks and created huge amounts of player feedback. There's a large number of characters to choose to play as and they all offer something different or synergise well with different characters.

Also the competitive scene, while small, has a lot of care put into it. Unfortunately there are only 2-3 teams you'll ever watch who look capable of winning the tournaments, but seeing their talent compared to everyone else's just encourages you to play harder and try out new strategies and change your own play style.

To sum up, I believe this game offers you the chance to leave your comfort zone, without forcing you to, and gives you the freedom and replay-ability that most free to play games just don't encourage. You will have fun playing right from the word go, which I haven't found with any other MOBA which forces you to adjust to the way of playing, and even when you look back to when you started and realise how poor your play was you can just laugh because you were developing along the learning curve. That first match where you end up MVP with 20 kills you think you're the best in the world, and then you realise you have a huge way left to go and you just keep coming back wanting more.