Moba? yeah but in a very special way

User Rating: 10 | SMITE PC

Smite is one of the best mobas ever made! The first thing to be a sucessfull game is the desing and lore, this game has great art work and rich lore. You can play as roman, greek, hindu... gods its a very interesting concept.

The 3rd person camera is the best element of the game, have you ever played a third person camera moba? It is a very good idea and make this game more unique.

You wont see dota or league of legends in this game,this is a complete new concept. This game doesnt want to be a generic moba (one of the hundreds of lol/dota copies), it has it own style. It is and will continue to be a very sucessfull game, because it is unique. Maybe you are a dota fanboy and hate LoL, maybe you are a LoL fanboy and hate dota, maybe you dont care about this idiot fight. No matter what kind of player you are, you should give a shot to this game it wont disappoint you.

The key here is its unique way to be a moba. do you have to play in lanes? yes! do you have to kill minions? yes! do you have to do itens? yes! It seems very similar to regular mobas but it is not. I am playing this game for 20 hours and i dont feel like i am playing a regular moba. The experience is unique so play this game and you will know what i mean.