The new titan ships are a good addition to the fleet

User Rating: 9 | Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion PC
Sins of a Solar Empire is a stand-alone expansion that combines all the other expansions and original game itself all in one game. This game has changed so much over the years just because the past expansions, but is Rebellion still good for the series? In many terms yes it brings a good amount of content to the table.

1. Cost

This game was alot more expensive than all the other expansion packs out there. The total was $39.99, and only $29.99 with the discount. Though I believe since the game is only available on Steam, they charged you for all the games in the series.

2. Campaign

Still no campaign mode for those that enjoy a good story involved, but to be honest this game pretty much allows you to shape your own story for your fleet and your faction. Not saying that Stardock couldn't impliment a story mode or something that would be enjoyable by oneself, but it isn't required.

3. New Factions

Each of the previous 3 factions have divided up into 2 new factions each, loyalists and rebels. Each are given unique research upgrades and titan ships which its pretty cool playing all the new factions and you can see a difference in playstyle for each.

4. New ships

The titans are the power houses of the expansion, these massive ships can take a beating and deal tons of damage in small ammounts of time if leveled correctly. A new capital ship for each of the 3 normal factions. Finally a corvette that is a fast light vessel that is strong vs all ships, but vulnerable if focused down.

5. New dwarf planet, but oh well more annoying than helpful

6. New reasearch options for the new factions and these bonuses are quite unique. Like Vasari rebels gain the ability to share phase networks while the loyalists gain the ability to abandon the planet and siphon the resources from it and turning it into a dead asteroid.

7. New visuals

8. New music

Overall this game has changed the series a little bit. The content was worth the buy and I still am enjoying this game, but there is some things missing that would make this game a little better.