a standalone expansion pack that are priced accordingly for new gamers, not so for existing fanbase.

User Rating: 6.5 | Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion PC
SOASE:R feels like 4rd expansion pack but is repackaged as new game at $40. So what does it add?
- 2 subfaction for each faction (3) with a total of 6 faction. Each subfaction has a slightly different sets of tech trees.
- 1 new capital ship and 1 new class of capital ship called the titan, which is like a hybrid of starbases with capital ship features.
- new addition of maps, balancing issues,improved diplomacy option and tech trees, enemy AI has been improved.

And thats it, there isnt really any massive improvement or any add-on content to justify the price. I believe those could be even come in standard DLCs pack or even game update.

Dont get me wrong. SOASE is a good game by far (ahem Starcraft2), with additional 2 expansion pack that made the game polish to near perfect, i dont really see the need to purchase this expansion pack especially if you already own SOASE: trinity which cost only $19.99. I do know that SOASE: Rebellion is a compilation of all 3 expansion pack seamlessly without the hassles of switching between diplomacy and Entrenchment expansion pack which is good for new gamers. For me, it seems like the devs are just begging for money.

For those new to the SOASE, buy it.
SOASE is a tactical RTS:space-warfare. The scope of battle is huge galatic space map that combat happen realtime from planatary domination to star system with the idea of tactical and less micromanagement intended. Its designed primarily for multiplayer skirmish, with no singleplayer campaign and a steep learning curve. The game is done near perfect with a perfect UI for the galatic stategic view to the micromanagement of your fleet (some similarities with starwars:rebellion-1998). A very deep and complex gameplay that will keep space nerds happy.

Ironclad (devs) pretty much nail the future of space warfare or how its visioned to be. Be inform that you might have weeks of sleepless nights.