I Can't Believe How Great It Really Is!!!

User Rating: 10 | SimCity Societies PC
I think too many gamers have judged this release by the standards of Simcity.
I have often read that it has nothing in common with the simcity series. Actually this game stands up against any of the simcity games and in truth has a lot in common with them. This is an amazing take on the simcity game system in that you can really see how and why your city developes the way it does.
You control how many people live there simply by placing houses, and you control how much money you earn by giving those people jobs. It's that simple but you still have to balance their need for entertainment, culture, art, productivity, wealth etc, all depending on when and where you place certain buildings and objects.
It's not all easy as some have said and there are options for the type of game you play in the main menu, ranging from the mindless sandbox mode to impossible strategic calculating tycoon!
This game had bugs which have mostly been fixed with patch number 4 and I have had no problems running it at all although I must admit my graphics card does have 1gb of dedicated ram .
I love this game to bits, I could never fathom simcity and hated how everything seemed to happen under the skin, with this game you are so much more involved and it's workable without you needing a degree in maths or economics and also, IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!!! I can't say enough good things about this game, I think that people have not taken the time to really learn what it is and have approached it with expectations of it being something else. Their judgements have not been fair in my view.

If your system is over 2ghz in speed and you have more than a 512mb grapics card or thereabouts then get this game,.............You'll Love It!!