At first there seems to be a lot under the hood

User Rating: 4 | SimCity Societies PC
Have you ever wanted to create and manage your very own society?

If so, you need to wait for that game to come out, because Simcity Societies is all about placing a few buildings and push a few buttons here and there... but only if you want to push a button.

in order to make your society run you need to manage the following: NOTHING

if wish to, you can do the following: manage your sims mood, but you don't have to, it barely has any notable consequences for you, in fact you can just ignore everything in this game and make a living hell for your sims and they'll still make your society run more or less than if they were happy.

The Tutorial will help you getting started and so you will quickly learn the game basics step by step.

once you are ready to stand on your own feet, you start a new game, you first pick your map you want to play on, you can create your own maps thanks to the build in map generator where you can choose between the terrain type, layout, water coverage and so on.

now we are ready to create our society!

first we need power, we can choose between many different types of power sources, place the power plant wherever you want to, doesn't matter if you place far away from your society as you don't need to manage your power network, or water net for that sake.

now we can randomly place different houses around the map, you don't need to place roads, only if you want your sims to travel faster from A-B .

but these houses runs on "social energies" so that means you need to place a building or sculpture which can provide the needed social energy, again you can place it wherever you want, layout is barely important in this game, it hardly pays of to plan your expanding

now the time has come to provide your sims with workplaces
doesn't really matter what kind of workplace you place, even if your sims has a high chance of becoming ill or injured it doesn't mean anything in the long run or even at a short term.

after a hard day of work your sims need entertainment
again place some random venues here and there, doesn't matter if it is a theater or a some lousy bar where your sims get drunk and get into fights, because it has no consequences of importance.

now we might want to earn some money so we can repeat the above mentioned steps in an eternity.

money is basicly earned through workplaces, happy and healthy sims are more productive than if they were unhappy or ill.
but you don't really need money, in fact money is so unimportant that there is no option to borrow money. money can be spent on buildings and their special actions. these action can boost your sims mood, increase the income from a building, putting out fires and so on... keeping your city safe from disasters is the only thing you need to keep your society safe from.

SCS had a lot of potential. you could had had a game where you had to manage a society and it problems such as inequality, crime, education, tax, infrastructure, health, and so on

instead SCS is a "build your very own theme park" game for the 3 year olds

Simcity Societies is an extremely dumbed down version of the very first Simcity.