Not SimCity

User Rating: 3 | SimCity Societies PC
The reason I play the other SimCity games is because I enjoy the micro-managing, city building, with it's humourous take on realism. Not only is it about balancing your budget, but it's about planning for pipes and powerlines. Making sure you have everything, and everyone covered, of every possibly scenario.

Societies is not that game. It's someone's deluded attempt at re-inventing a game, but in doing so have made the game something entirely different, and not something fans of SimCity will enjoy.

The only thing in this game that resembles the previous SimCity games is the title.

There is virtually no planning. If you need to raise a certain mood, you just place a bunch of similar structures to build up points. Anywhere on the map. The same for power. If you need power, just build a powerstation, anywhere on the map. Dont worry about linking it to water or electricity, as there is none of that.

I'll wait for SimCity 5.