Waste Of Computer Space

User Rating: 6.5 | SimCity Societies PC
Where do i start this game is just total crap......... I mean the city building is there but its the same game just less cool things to detail to my liking. This game looks an feels like it should still be in beta stage an a closed one at that. I'd say after the first 2 hours this game get's sicking. I suggest if you get to read this before opening the package grab your reciept an get your behind back to the store an get your money back because this bugged out remake of sim city - the great detailing is tee-total crap. I've already lost my game I suggest losing your's and denie ever owning it. I'm sorry for bombing this game but i see no point in why it has been released in such horrible condition. But, thats how my reviews are straight forward an straight to the dislikeing an focusing on it and this game makes it too easy.