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User Rating: 7 | Silent Hill HD Collection X360
I'm not a fan of HD remakes. The ports to next-gen consoles are often aged games that did not survive the test of time, and are not fun to play anymore. Silent Hill HD is, if you ask me, one of the better HD ports. But I'm probably biased on that, since I'm a big fan of the Silent Hill series.

The graphics are certainly polished up, but not everything is as pleasing to look at. The in-game visuals in Silent Hill 2 look very sharp, an amazing upgrade from the old PS2 game. However, for some reason, the CGI cutscenes are still very blurry and often it is difficult to make out what is happening. Perhaps Konami could have re-created the cutscenes in some way, so that they would look as sharp as the in-game visuals, which look amazing. The upgrade of the Silent Hill 3 visuals are decent compared to the upgrade in Silent Hill 2. Sure, it looks better, but it's obvious that Konami tried harder polishing up the uglier looking Silent Hill 2 than the visually superior Silent Hill 3.

There are new voice actors for both titles! For Silent Hill 2, that's a good thing, since I really disliked the voice work in Silent Hill 2 (especially that of James). It sounded as if the voice actors phoned in their lines, or were reading out a book. The new voices in Silent Hill 2 still aren't top notch, but they're certainly a step ahead from the earlier voices. Silent Hill 3's voice acting has been re-done by different actors as well, because Konami couldn't locate the original voice actors. Although I have my doubts for that, since some fans of the series tried to locate Heather's original voice actress and they found her in pretty much a week. I wonder why Konami would mislead us like that. Same as Silent Hill 2, the new voices in Silent Hill 3 are somewhat better than the originals, but they are still not quite spectacular.

The gameplay... well, this is were the games have dated. The Silent Hill games always required you to be patient in order to make progress, and the current generation gamers lack that patience. In every Silent Hill game, the story needs some time to get going, and you've lost most Modern Warfare players after ten minutes if they don't get to shoot stuff. It feels to me as if this HD port came at a bad time.

This HD port got mixed reactions. But in my opinion, the Silent Hill HD Collection is one of the best HD remakes so far. It looks overall good; the puzzles require you to stop and think; the music is amazing and sets just the right tone, and the new voice actors are great. Ladies and gentleman, it's time for some old-fashioned crying for our mummies!