Worst port I have ever played.

User Rating: 5.5 | Silent Hill HD Collection X360
Well I'm just gonna say this game FUKKING SUCKS COCK!

How could they ruin a game that was a masterpiece like 10 years ago?

Graphics look worse everything has a washed out look to it, they took out some important cg sequences like the intro in sh2 which is retarted was awesome always watched it when I turned it on.

The sound effects is all broken they edited the noise the monster makes and all it did was cause it to glitch badly it's an ear sore weird bleepinng noises and other nonsense that makes you squint in minor pain.

Really cant say much else other than these **** idiots ruined what should have been a really cool port could have done what 343 did with Halo CE a very well done remaster of a game that was amazing and still is to this day.

Nope they made the graphics look worse, also to note the fog effect looks very bad now and way overdone or not enough fog.

I cant buy anymore silent hill games they all suck since the 4th joke of a silent hill game came out bought the latest game it sucks dick too.

I would recommend skipping this series all together they have too many different developers making these horribly done games it's not worth the time and money to invest in it.

Rent is a must.