A nice enough little game to play while waiting for Wasteland 2

User Rating: 7.5 | Shadowrun Returns PC
I actually did not know so much about the first Shadowrun game that came back in the day, only that it had an fantasy futuristic theme and that it was not either Wasteland nor Fallout.
This game will not get any prices for innovative ideas regarding gameplay. This is an retro throwback turn-based tactical combat RPG. A little bit to linear for it's own good but still the detective story and cyberpunk environment is still enough to suck you in (or at least me).

The game does not really have an tutorial, instead the player has to read into how to actually play the game by checking out the in-game help section. Background story and lore is also rather thinned out, wich is a little disappointing. Of course some explanations for how the world of Shadowrun came to be is given, but I am one of those who hungers for loads of info to read through.
The game is also totally a text based game. No voice acting here, oh no. Just putting that in for those who cannot take stuff like that.

One must realize that this is an rather low budget game that was sold with an game editor, almost beggin (no demanding) for user content to be added. And user content have already came for this game. I have myself not tried anything out yet, but already has a lot of good stuff been constructed by the great and faithful community that follows these types of games.

If you are one of those that loathe first person fantasy shooters like Skyrim or interactive movies like Mass Effect (just kidding, I like them)...
If you love classics like Fallout 2 and Baldurs Gate 2 with the isometric world and party-based, turn-based strategic battle system - then you have found something to do until Wasteland 2 comes out.