Shadowrun is back and it's great!

User Rating: 8 | Shadowrun Returns PC
Allo, welcome to my review of Shadowrun Returns, a great isometric cyberpunk RPG. Yes this game is a return to a form of entertainment that seemed long gone: The good old isometric games and this one sports superb graphics and artwork as well. This is quite an impressive feature though the game has its share of flaws like no ability to save except at predetermined checkpoints and there's also infinite ammo but when a game is this good these things are easily forgiven. I would like for the devs to implement a save on exit feature though, it would simplify things greatly.

As it is, if you leave the game in between checkpoints, you have to go through the same gameplay from the last checkpoint you saved from, which can be rather annoying if you have to leave the game for a say: emergency. But everything else is there, you get to customize your characters and there's lots of options. For my first play-through I went with human decker and the cyberpunk feel makes it great as I was getting tired of medieval RPG's.

The combat is great also and having conversations with the NPC's in the game never get boring, there's enough dialog options to replay the game with a different character and not hear and say the same things twice and with the user generated content coming up with the in-game editor, the future of Shadowrun seems very bright indeed. There's already two user made stories available and more open world and less linear than the one that came with the game, I suggest you try them out.

For 20$, this is an RPG worth investing time in and I highly recommend it if you're into cyberpunk stuff.