Play this game for its cool music and visuals and not for its 7 rushed stories, lack of guidance, or whacked gameplay.

User Rating: 7 | SaGa Frontier (PSOne Books) PS
SaGa Frontier isn't a BAD game, persay, but it's not a very good one... or at least, that's only because I can't play half of it without needing a strategy guide. You see, people complained about Metal Saga because you weren't old where to go or who to talk to to progress the story but all of that reminded me of this game. SaGa Frontier is appropriately titled as you frontier throughout the world using an airport-like method of transport, trying to find out what the hell you're supposed to do next. And if you're lucky enough to figure out what the next event is (or you just talked to every NPC in the entire game's world), you might not necessarily be prepared for it.

For example, Lute's story can be played in all of 30 minutes time. You leave area #1, recruit some dude in area #2, fly to area #3 and fight the last boss. Well, you'll die of course if you do it like this, but between areas 1 and 2, just recruit random bird-like creatures and drunkards to your party, "level" them up (just fight people for an extra 1hp or agl boost until you're considered ready), find Quake shoes, and let's beat the game! I found this out through an hour or so of wandering and 2 minutes of surfing GameFAQs.

The backgrounds are pretty and the music by Kenji Ito is cool and all, but then you get to the battle system. Now, all of the sudden, everything is claymation-looking and you're given anywhere from 1 or 2 to like 7 menus per character to fight with. You'd think this would give you lots of options in battle to pull off wicked combos but really it's just because you're wearing 3 necklaces or you've got 2 guns even though you're a dancer or whatever. SaGa's Killer7 style strange but it's more super deformed so people don't complain about it as much.

There's no continuity in any of the stories and you can glitch the system and end up learning rival schools of magic depending on the character you're playing as. Like in Suikodens, you can buy from one store and sell to the other to make some cash but this, much like everything else in the game, is a sceret technique... and also the easiest way to get ANY money. The battles range anywhere from "eh, I'm hitting skeletons" tedious to "oh god I'm dying so much and I hate this" impossible and you'll probably have made 5 credits at the end of a tough bout. But, hey! At least you raised your Int stat by 2 or something. Like I said: makes no sense.

So, if you're into an RPG that basically says "your brother is evil, go kill him" and leaves you in a village to wander around aimlessly, by all means pick this baby up today! I actually do play this game sometimes because of how messed up it is. "Oh, now I'm on a spaceship? Yes! Wait, I'm in the time dimension now? Aw man."