One Incredible Journey!

User Rating: 10 | SaGa Frontier (PSOne Books) PS
I can't remember how I came to own SaGa Frontier, nor do I care. I have loved this game since the moment I took off its wrapper to the day I finally completed every characters quest. This is a title for the ages if you want to experience an emerging RPG like none other on the PS than listen well.

This game is one of a kinda (well one of many SaGa games, but the first on PS) The battle system is genius! If you use moves enough you learn a new move from your experience with the last! You have LP which is a nice change and you can die the number of times you have listed in that category, you don't realize how helpful that is! This game is LONG! So plan to dedicate more than 100 hours on this game! I spent god knows how long getting the DSL move in this game, but it was worth it! The Storylines are very diverse and sometimes one may run aground another characters story and you take it from there! Each character is original and their stories are brilliantly told! Some are a bit shorter (Lute) while others will take you FOREVER to figure out (Blue). In the end you'll thank yourself in the morning for playing each quest through!

The landscapes and towns and dungeons are fantastically drawn! No other game up until this release put that much effort into artwork. The characters are sprites, big heads, small bodies, look past it! Now comes the place where I can see why many people didn't like this game, the battle graphics. How can you spend so much time on everything else, and leave the battle graphics to flounder? I still give the graphics a 10 cause at that time they were revolutionary! But by today’s standards it looks like throw-up and jelly-blob people (GoldenSun anyone?) Remember this game is like 9 years old, give it some slack.

By far the best part of this game! I have only purchased 2 OST's to date, Wild ARMS 2, and this one. Kenji Ito is a genius! Every town every dungeon has its own distinct music! No repeats! There aren’t no individual "town" song! It was brilliant! The battle music is a standout amongst the rest! its thrilling! It makes you wanna run into random enemies wandering the map! everything you can hope for was presented with the soundtrack.
Go buy it if you are a fan of good VG tunes!

This game had so much to do, you should only play thought it once, cause if you try for it twice you will most likely have no social life! I played it once, and tried again 2 years later (when the horrible SaGa 2 was released, and I needed to clean my pallet! And even than it was still the best RPG on the market in my opinion!

Worth every dollar I guess I might have spent on it, and if I got it as a present... that person is a saint from heaven! Go play this underrated gem!