One of my all time personal favourites.

User Rating: 8.3 | SaGa Frontier (PSOne Books) PS

The good: Characters are cool, Combat system is fun and easy for people who don't play RPG's all the time, its fun.
The bad: Some of the stories are not interesting and the wuests can be kind of stupid and leveling up is boring.

Saga Frontier was actually the first RPG I ever played with knowlegde that it was infact an RPG. When I started it I didnt really understand the controls so the circle button as comfirm threw me off a bit.

After I got the hang of that there was getting use to how to play. I instantly loved the battle system. At the time I played this game I also played pokemon alot on gameboy so I had a basic idea of how RPGs worked.

Im not going to go into details on how it all works but it is fairly simple and easy to understand. You use attacks and watch to make sure you dont run out of attack points to attack and after the battles you gain experience in different fields. Depending on what weapons you make a character use there styles adapt to that weapon and they learn more of that weapons skills. For instancce if you use guns alot with one character for every battle then they get really good at using gun techs same for magic swords and hand to hand.

Now one of the problems is that mechs dont exactly learn the best things. Also with monsters there entire appearance must change to be better and sometimes it backfires and they get worse and the new attack is stupid.

Graphics wise it isnt anything too thrillings. The art is very nice. But overall the graphics just basically get the job done type of thing. Very cartoonish looking but it works. Some attacks range from stupid to awsome looking.

As for sound not much to say here. Some basic sounding gun shots and sword slashs nothing too particuallarly interesting. As for music the music is very cool. i find the music in the game very catchy and cool. Including the battle theme and the boss themes to the town songs. They are all pretty cool.

There are 7 playable characters and they all have different things. Some of the stories are really boring though. But for the most part they keep you interested and its a great challenge to try and beat all the stories. As for quests in game there is only really unlocking all the magic you can. There is always one choice over another.

So over all it is a great game that I really enjoyed for a long time. It is very user friendly and has a good battle system.