Runescape, the world's most popular free MMORPG. By Jagex.

User Rating: 9 | RuneScape WEB
Runescape is just one of the many popular free mmo's out there. But it's the world's most popular one so Jagex did a pretty good job. Now, Runescape is no longer considered to be "Classic" anymore. Also, Jagex preforms many updates and they've really tuned up the graphics so they look very, very good for an online PC game. It also runs very well on most new, average computers, with your better, average processors. The game takes place in the fantasy world, Gilenor. Runescape enables players to fight monters, demons, and warriors, and wizards. Or you can fight other players. You can train in a variety of skills or just hang out and chat. The game, overall, is very immense with it's quests and all. The world is very big, just if you're a free to play player. This brings up the membership. A Runescape membership gives you full access to all the worlds and weapons and armor, and skills. You can also buy membership cards, i.e: 6 and 8 days, etc. Overall the game is a good online multiplayer game.