Runescape has evolved.

User Rating: 10 | RuneScape WEB
If you had ask me back in 2007 what I thought about RuneScape I would have said that it was fun but not as good as the competition, well now we're in the year 2012 and after deciding to play Runescape again, I am surprised.

Graphics: The game graphics are different now into what is called "HD" now the game does look quiet good in max settings around the world, the armor looks nice.

Sound: In 2007 I played with sound off but the sound team has really been working to make some great pieces to fit the place where you're walking at, and some quests include voice overs which makes them great.

Combat: Combat is still the same but, There will be a massive update that will change the combat into something much more, it looks great right now.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very addictive, and getting to level 99 might be hard to achieve in some skills but with the correct dedication to it you can easily level up, all the minigames are fun and the world is really immersive, I spent hours playing and forgot what time it was.

So taking all those into account and the fact that it is a browser game and it takes you 5 minutes to get in it for the first time, it is amazing, I'll give it a 8.5 just for the combat part but after that update, I am pretty sure that this will be a great MMORPG.