A very fun game, great with the free play, but unforunately, the best of the game is for the paying members.

User Rating: 7 | RuneScape WEB
I remember in the 5th grade my friend introduced me to RuneScape, before when it was still on jagex.com. Back then, there was one server, everyone played for free, you lost everything when you died, the bank held only money, the world was Al Kharid, Varrock, Lumbridge, Barbarian Village, and Draynor Village. There was no log for quests. Over time, it has become a better and better game. I remember there being three servers, and my friend Ryan was amazed when there were 1000 people on each. Now, there are almost that many per server at busy times, with 70 or so. It's a fun game, Jagex does a very good job to convince someone to become a member. You don't have to pay from the start, but seeing all those great updates is enough to convince anyone. Membership is incredible, worth the money. A whole new world, and ton of new items, quests, and things to do. So try RuneScape, it's a lot of fun, although I never told anyone I played it.