Like Runecape 3 You can own your Own Fish in your home now. And Have a Shark Pet.But Needs more Quests.

User Rating: 10 | RuneScape Classic WEB

I Spend my day playing it every day But you need the time for this game if your past 70+ in any skill takes forever. But 10 is my score for this game Not bad game. Aquarium is new to the game You own your Own Fish you need to fish for there eggs though. Need more players to play this. This is Also A Combat Game. You and your friends can make a clan for yourself you need 4 People to make one. Lots of Quests But need more. The Game Never Ends like Xbox games I Think Runescape is Longer then Halo and other games in Length. find me. IM ENGLISHMINE2 I Can get you Armor or anything you need. Sincerely Myself.