Just another Facebook game now

User Rating: 2 | RuneScape Classic WEB

I just quit playing Runescape last night again. I played several years ago and quit because the community was one of the worst I had ever seen and the owners Jagex only cared about the money coming in instead of having a reputable game. Now with different people in charge that still only care about the money coming in the game has become even worse.

The game has been made so easy that it is pathetic. They are even trying to introduce micro-transactions which are the hallmark of a scamming game. I came back to play the new Ironman mode which was supposed to be basically a single player mode with no GE or trading. Every chance that they get they work around the Ironman theme to keep what group or forced interaction with other players that they already have. On top of that, players have already maxed out accounts with all 99s in 10 months.

The community now mostly consists of high level players, because the game is now a joke, that like to act like they accomplished something when the game had to be made easier for them. They are extremely pathetic. They want more and more high level content which they wouldn't need in the first place if the game hadn't been made so easy.

Jagex and Runescape should be considered a joke among Internet games and those that continue to play it should pretty much just get laughed at.