One of the best civilizaiton games during the snes period.

User Rating: 8 | San Goku Shi IV SNES
Of course we all know how KOEI loves to never change a formula, but this is when it was first getting started. ROTK is an awesome game. Granted, this game is not for the impatient person. I feel that this is a game for people who want alot of game length for as little money as possible. There are so many scenarios of play that you could spend as much time playing this as you could Oblivion. Now the only problem with playing it that much is that it will get repetitive. After you spend about 5 hrs figuring out how the best way to play is, you'll get used to the same old building up armies and attacking. 8 players may play, but you take turns using the same controller so its really more board game style. This would be alot better way to go instead of paying more for the latest games that are almost exactly the same and somewhat worse.